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Modern Commercial Building


We hand over the state commissions and register residential houses, garden houses (without the project), other structures; we register unfinished construction.


The purpose of the recognition of buildings as suitable for use is to assess their compliance with the projects, the essential requirements of the building, the possibility of safe use of the building for its intended purpose. The service consists of the addition of a home suitable for use by all commissions and institutions, as required by the relevant legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.


We will arrange all necessary documents, for you we will carry out all the necessary procedures, so that your living house or other desired building is 100% complete and have all the documents and acts confirming it.


The service includes the following steps:

  1. Performance of maintenance of buildings;

  2. Signing of the Contractor's Construction Contract;

  3. Completion of the construction work journal;

  4. Building of the ridge, axis marking, geodetic photos;

  5. Performance of cadastral measurements of buildings (inventory file);

  6. Electricity supply;

  7. Heating system delivery;

  8. Making geodetic photos of engineering networks;

  9. Issue of an energy performance certificate;

  10. Submission of the declaration of completion of the construction to the Construction Inspection;

  11. Registration of approved declaration of completion of construction at State Enterprise Center of Registers.


  1. Supervision of construction project; 

  2. Calculation of actual work quantities; 

  3. Work quality control and implementation control; 

  4. Control of materials used;

  5. Technical supervision of construction;

  6. Construction cost and audit;

  7. Construction cost estimation and evaluation;

  8. Calculation of precise work quantities;

  9. Determination of the construction price and submission of the estimate in electronic format (Sistela, ProSama, SES2004, Excel, Doc, PDF, etc.);

  10. Coordination and control of occupational safety and health;

  11. Environmental engineer services.



Learn how to design a residential or commercial A class building / house energy-efficient, healthy, comfortable and cost-effective. Design of energy performance of buildings: Certified specialists in the energy design of a building using specialized programs determine:

  Predicted energy performance class of buildings designed for A, A + or A ++;

  Calculates heat loss through all building structures: walls, floors, roofs, windows, doors;

  The criteria for heating and ventilation systems are chosen which ensure that the required energy efficiency    class A, A + or A ++ is achieved;

  A comprehensive study on the design / modeling of energy performance of a building / house in adoc format is being prepared.


Building energy performance certification:

  1. We will determine the energy efficiency class;

  2. We will evaluate the main building indicators;

  3. We will calculate the annual energy consumption;

  4. We will provide recommendations for improving energy efficiency and issue an energy certificate.

Building energy audit:

  1. We will evaluate the current status of the construction and engineering systems;

  2. We will determine the cost of energy and cold water;

  3. We will select measures to reduce energy and cold water.

  4. Development of investment plan for modernization of a building: Physical examination of the building;

  5. Justification of home renovation measures based on energy efficiency and cost effectiveness;

  6. Investment size distribution for apartments, etc. premises owners;

  7. Creating a task for a technical work project;

  8. Accredited Labeling Tests: During the test, the air flow and pressure difference are measured and the air permeability of the building structures is determined;

  9. pens accredited tightness tests



  1. We prepare the construction project estimate and budget;

  2. Organization and execution of construction contract works;

  3. Analysis of suppliers' offers, conclusions and recommendations;

  4. Representation of the client by potential contractors;

  5. We select the right team to implement the project;

  6. We prepare and contract with suppliers;

  7. We effectively organize purchases and supplies of building and finishing materials;

  8. Effectively control the implementation of the construction project;

  9. Organization and management of construction works;

  10. Object Budget Control;

  11. Quality control of the building construction / Contract works;

  12. Determination and maintenance of structural defects; 

  13. Technical maintenance of structures;

  14. Electricity maintenance; 

  15. Heating maintenance; 

  16. Maintenance and repair of ventilation and air conditioning systems; 

  17. Plumbing and wastewater treatment; 

  18. Maintenance of boiler and its facilities; 

  19. Gas supply networks and equipment maintenance; 

  20. Fire extinguishing and warning systems and equipment maintenance;

  21. Qualitative thermovision studies of equipment and structures;

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